Living costs

The cost of living depends on the individuals’ needs and lifestyle. It can however be said that 1600 PLN per month is the minimum needed to cover the cost of accommodation, transportation, food and academic materials.


  • double room in a dormitory (number of places limited) – from 420 to 645 PLN per month
  • single room in a flat – from 800 PLN per month
  • studio – from 1600 PLN per month

More information

Local transport

Type of ticket
(Ist zone)
Student discount (50%)
Standard price
20 minute ticket 1,70 3,40
Single ticket 2,20 4,40
1-day 7,50 15,00
Weekend ticket 12,00 24,00
1-month 55,00 110,00
3-months 140,00 280,00

Please note that you have to posses a valid student card of the University of Warsaw  or an international student card ISIC (valid for a given academic year and only for students under 26 years of age) to be entitled to student discount on the public transport.

More information available at the website of Public Transport Authority in Warsaw (ZTM)


University canteen is situated in the main campus, at Obozna St. entrance gate, next to the Faculty of Polish Studies. You can have a 2-course meal for approx. 12 PLN (3 EUR). They offer meat, fish and vegetarian meals including pancakes and typical Polish dish “pierogi” (dumplings stuffed with meat, cottage cheese or cabbage). It is good to come first with a local student as menu is only in Polish.

There are also numerous canteens and cafeterias in other university buildings in the main campus (i.e.  in Old Library building, Rectorate building, Faculty of Law building, etc.) as well as in other two campuses: Ochota and Sluzew. Lunch will cost approx. 15-20 PLN (3-5 EUR), a cup of coffee 8 PLN (2 EUR).

Other expenses

  • a lunch in the students’ cafeteria – from 12 PLN (3 EUR)
  • a coffee in a bar –  8-12 PLN (2-3 EUR)
  • a ticket to the cinema – 17-25 PLN (4-5 EUR)
  •  loaf of bread – 3,00 PLN (0.7 EUR)
  • a bottle of milk – 2.50 PLN (0.6 EUR)
  • a pack of coffee – 6-10 PLN (2-3 EUR)
  • a bottle of mineral water 1,5l – 2,50 PLN (0.6 EUR)
  • a student membership at a fitness club (one month) – from 100 PLN (25 EUR)
  • a student ticket to a museum – 10 – 20 PLN (3-5 EUR)

In order to plan your budget wisely speak to the students from your home country who studied in Warsaw, as they will be the most useful source of advice and tips.