26 May 2017

Second Krzysztof Michałek Memorial Lecture “Banning Bibles, Constituting the People” by Winnifred F. Sullivan, Professor and Chair Department of Religious Studies, Maurer School of Law, Indiana University Bloomington.

In this lecture Sullivan considered the jury’s distinctive role in the administration of the death penalty in the US. She described the ways in which US courts, in an apparent effort to secularize and rationalize the process, have increasingly banned the Bible and biblical words from the death penalty trial, insisting on a radically secular and entirely individualized decision by each juror. She further showed how this effort might be seen to have backfired as the capital jury in the penalty phase, abandoned, if you like, by church and state, is forced into a moment of political theological creation.


Prof. Winnifred F. Sullivan

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Data publikacji: 09 czerwca 2017