What kind of studies are offered at the University of Warsaw?

The University of Warsaw offers studies in both humanities and science, however, it doesn’t provide studies in medicine, fine art, architecture or engineering. Most students study full-time and obtain a degree (Bachelor, Master or PhD). However, short-term studies or research work are also possible.

Can I study in English at the University of Warsaw?

Yes, you can. There are numerous degree and non-degree programs and courses offered in English.

Is the knowledge of Polish necessary to study at the University of Warsaw ?

Polish is the main, but not the only language of instruction at the UW. Offer of programs and courses in foreign languages is becoming wider each year. Therefore you may find degree programmes/ non-degree courses to study even if you don’t speak Polish. 

How can I learn Polish at the University of Warsaw?

There are several ways of learning Polish at the UW.

First of all there are semester, trimester and summer courses offered by the POLONICUM. Standard courses are free of charge for Erasmus students, students holding a governmental scholarship, exchange students from partner universities within bilateral agreements – for further information and your eligibility please contact the programme coordinator at the IRO.

Another option of learning Polish is the language exchange i.e. Tandem.  The programme is coordinated by the Erasmus Student Network at the UW and is open to all foreign students at our University, if  they want to exchange their knowledge of the mother tongue with another student and learn another student’s language. It’s a kind of a language exchange and is always free of charge.

What does short-term study or research mean?

Study or research is considered short-term if it lasts up to one academic year. Definition includes short research work, summer course or study for one or two semesters  without getting any degree.

How can I enrol for short-term study or research?

There are five main possibilities to enroll for short-term study or research at the UW:

  1. Exchange students/researchers – within special bilateral agreement between the University of Warsaw and student’s/researcher’s home institution
  2. Erasmus students
  3. Students/researchers granted with an outside scholarship (governmental, from foundations, etc.)
  4. Erasmus Mundus Action 2 students/researchers
  5. Visiting students – on a payment basis

What kind of scholarships may I get?

There are numerous of scholarships available to students and faculty members. These are:

  1. Erasmus scholarship
  2. Scholarships based on bilateral agreements (bilateral exchange)
  3. Governmental scholarships (based on agreements between the Polish Ministry of Education and Science and foreign governments or foundations/institutes approved by the government)
  4. Erasmus Mundus Action 2 scholarships
  5. Individual scholarship of the self-chosen foundation/institute
  6. Scholarships of the home university

Apart from the above given Erasmus/bilateral/governmental  scholarships the University of Warsaw does not grant other scholarships.


How can I become an Erasmus student?

Students interested in studying at the University of Warsaw within the framework of Erasmus+ Programme are advised to check if there is a valid bilateral agreement between the University of Warsaw and their home university and, if so, whether the proposed programs of studies shall be approved. A list of all UW partner  institutions for each academic year is available at   Partner Institutions website.
For the application procedure please go to Erasmus Students

How can I become an exchange student/exchange faculty member?

Students/Faculty members considering study/research at the University of Warsaw as exchangees are advised to contact their home university Faculty/Unit of employment or International Relations Office to find out whether a bilateral agreement has been concluded between the two units/universities and, if so, whether the proposed program of study/research shall be approved. A list of all UWpartner  institutions is available at Partner Instuitutions website.

If you are a student wishing to become an exchange student please go to Exchange Students 

How can I become a governmental and other scholarship holder?

If you are interested in a governmental scholarship please contact the Ministry of Education and Science (or its equivalent) in your home country. They will provide you with further information and upon your selection they will send us all the necessary papers . Only then you will be asked to fill out appropriate application form and attach required documents.

The situation looks different if you already have other (non-governmental) scholarship. In such case please provide us with the proof of such scholarship as well as your CV, cover letter and study/research plan (contact person in charge of your country of origin from the Section of International Cooperation). However, please note that holding a scholarship of some non-governmenatl institution doesn’t certainly mean that you will be enrolled to the University of Warsaw.


How can I benefit from the exchange possibilities of the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Programme?

Depending on LOT (programme) each Erasmus Mundus Action 2 project is open to people of different nationalities and institutions. Within each LOT study, research or internships for students, PhD students, faculty members and administrative staff are possible. In general the scholarship covers some living costs, one return ticket and insurance. It also covers some tuition fees when applicable. For more information on the exchange possibilities, requirements and scholarship amounts please check our website  where you can find both websites of the given LOT (first source of information) and contact details of persons in charge at the UW.

Who is eligible to study at UW?

Eligibility requirements depend on the study you choose. For degree study requirements please contact the  Admission’s Office. For short-term study you have to be a student/researcher at a foreign institution of higher education/university. Detailed information is available at Incoming Students

How the Visiting Student Programme works?

The Visiting Student Programme is tailored for international students who wish to study at the University of Warsaw for one or two semesters . That study may be undertaken only on a payment basis. After finishing their short-term study and passing exams Visiting Students receive a Transcript of Records. There is no degree granted to those students.

Read more on Visiting students

How can I become a Visiting Student?

In order to become a Visiting Student you have to be a student abroad and undertake courses of at least 15 ECTS/semester.
Visiting Students study at the UW on a payment basis.  Here you can find a price list valid from the academic year 2015/2016. Proof of Polish origins entitles to a 30% discount.
Application procedure lasts at least 3 weeks and all applicants are informed on its result (acceptance or refusal).

When do the courses start at the UW?

Academic year divides into two semesters – winter (October-January) and summer (February-June), each followed by an examination period and then by winter and summer holidays. Winter holidays is a one-week inter-semester break while summer holidays last about 3 months. In general as an international student you may begin your short-term studies at the UW either in October or February. For exact classes and holiday dates in the present and/or following academic year please look at the calendar.