Checklist for Visiting Students

Before your arrival


  1. Apply online at It is very important to upload all the required documents and submit the online application.

Application deadlines: for the 1. semester and the whole academic year – May 15th; for the 2. semester – November 15th

  1. Send all the required documents by post to International Relations Office (IRO UW) postal address.


  1. Once accepted your status at will change to ”accepted”. You will receive the Letter of Acceptance by post.
  2. Upload an electronic version of your photo at the platform

Learning Agreement

Prepare your proposal of the Learning Agreement. Check subjects in the online course catalogue: and discuss it with contact person for academic affairs at the receiving UW unit. Contact details you can find in your Letter of Acceptance.


All non-EU/EEA citizens should contact the Polish Consulate or Embassy in their country of residence. Detailed information is available on the website of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


Upon your arrival

(Changes to) the Learning Agreement

To make (any changes to) your Learning Agreement (LA) please contact your contact person for academic affairs at the receiving UW unit. Then bring the signed document to the IRO UW. You should collect signature from the person for academic affairs at the unit which organizes your courses.

Course Registration

You have to be registered for all your courses in the university data management system called USOS.

With detailed questions concerning courses please contact person for academic affairs at the receiving UW unit.

Order of Payment

Based on the Learning Agreement the IRO UW issues your Order of Payment. You have 3 weeks to pay and bring the confirmation of payment to the IRO UW. Once you pay for your courses you can apply for the student card.

Electronic Student ID

Contact the IRO UW to get a payment form (fee is 17 PLN ~ ca 4 €). After transferring money (e.g. at a post office), return the confirmation of payment to the IRO UW and sign an application form. The student card is ready within 2-3 days.

Health Insurance

Provide the IRO UW with a proof of your health insurance valid for the whole duration of your stay (e.g. European Health Insurance Card).

Health insurance is needed during application for student card procedure.

Confirmation of arrival

If your home institution requires the confirmation of arrival please come to IRO UW with a proper form from your home institution.


Before your departure

Confirmation of Stay

Settle up with the library. Only in this case you are able to receive the Confirmation of Stay at the IRO UW.

The last day the IRO UW can confirm is the last day of the winter/ summer examination period.

Evaluation Questionnaire

Fill out an (obligatory) anonymous online questionnaire at

Transcript of Records

Once all your grades appear in USOS and you fill out the online questionnaire, send an e-mail to IRO UW. Your Transcript of Records will be prepared and sent to your home address. You will receive a scanned version of the document as well.